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1 Gram .999 Fine Silver Shot
1 Gram .999 Fine Silver Shot
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Products name Product Name: 1 Gram .999 Fine Silver Shot
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This is 1 Gram of Pure .999 Silver. These BB sized grains are used for industrial, jewelry making, manufacturing and investment. The number of grains you will get will very depending on the size of the grains but each order will be at least 1 Full Gram of Pure Silver. Since gold and silver are on the way up, this makes for a great investment opportunity.

Every individual, or family should have some tradeable silver to use in an emergency. Plus, silver is one of the best investments out there.

In the future, when silver rules, you might want something that costs less than an ounce of silver. Here is your answer. Silver shot. You can easily divide this to pay for what you need. From a very reputable refiner, you can rest assured you will get only the best Silver Shot you can buy.

Silver Shot will be essential when going to a society where silver and gold are used as money. It is very hard to find anything smaller than 1 ounce of silver. As our currency devalues, because the government is printing billions of dollars, we will need silver and gold as a safer form of money. With a scale and Silver Shot you will be prepared for the future.

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